RedTail Flight Academy Ambassador Program

Membership Goals:

Honor and perpetuate the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen's goal to produce extraordinary aviators of color.

Mentor minority aviators to ensure they develop as highly qualified talent prepared to enter the industry pipeline needed to meet the rising demand for pilots.

Creat post-graduate internship or apprenticeship programs within industry-related corporations and organizations.

Establish a repository of industry expertise the Academy draws from for lectures, roundtables, shadowing and mentoring opportunities.

Date 06/30/2022
Location RFA Ambassador Program Levels:

RedTail Society Member (Level 1):
* Access to newsletters, events, discounted merchandise, and educational workshops
* Attendee at the annual "Tuskegee Legacy" Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference
Membership Fee: $1,000 to $5,000

RFA Ambassador (Level 2):
* Includes Society Member's benefits listed above plus...
* Structured volunteer rotation opportunities at RFA, mentoring programs, participation in ground schools/virtual training; access to student recruitment
Membership Fee: $5,000

RFA Ambassador (Level 3):
* Includes Society Member's and RFA Ambassadors (Level 2) benefits listed above plus...
* Participate with RFA cadets/staff in industry events, discounts on flight training with RFA Instructors, intern program access, executive mentoring on D&I in aviation, observation flights
* Website recognition, access to other Lee A. Archer Jr. flying programs
* Conference Presenter at the annual "Tuskegee Legacy" Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference
Membership Fee: $10,000
Name Price
RedTail Society Member (Level 1) $1,000 1,000.00
RedTail Society Member (Level 1) $2,000 2,000.00
RedTail Society Member (Level 1) $3,000 3,000.00
RedTail Society Member (Level 1) $4,000 4,000.00
RedTail Society Member (Level 1) $5,000 5,000.00
RFA Ambassador (Level 2) $5,000 5,000.00
RFA Ambassador (Level 3) $10,000 10,000.00
Custom Payment 0.00