THE STEAM FUND is committed to supporting musical, artistic and educational opportunities in Sullivan County communities and schools first and then Orange, Ulster Counties and beyond if funds allow.

The STEAM Fund has created MOGAAT (MISSION ONE GIG AT A TIME) to support local musicians, artists and venues by providing funds to compensate them for their live stream performances and commissioned works. This not only allows the musicians and artists that are performing a chance to share their gift but also it provides the masses of people who are confined to their homes to have an avenue to be entertained and enjoy the performances of these musicians. Through Mission: One Gig At A Time, The Siegel Fund will be sponsoring 10-15 performances through September 1st, 2021. Information for all events will be posted on the Siegel Family Music and Arts Endowment Fund Facebook Page.

STEAM is also proud to be partnering with Theatre Within to bring the JOHN LENNON® REAL LOVE PROJECT songwriting program to Sullivan County. The program will include a presentation, targeting grades 4-6, in which students learn about John Lennon’s life, music, influences and highest values of peace, love, and equality. The second part of the program will be an interactive songwriting workshop in which students will collaborate with professional musicians to compose their own verses to John Lennon’s “Real Love.” Students will then record their own version of the song with John Lennon’s accompanying vocal, originally recorded in the late 1970s. Each school participating in this visionary program will create their own version of this iconic song.

In order to provide these amazing musical, artistic and educational experiences, the Siegel Trust Enriching Arts & Music Fund is asking for your support! Please consider donating today!

Date 12/31/2022
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Instant Karma Level 25.00
Little Help From My Friends Level 50.00
Stand By Me Level 100.00
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Imagine Level 500.00
Real Love Level 1,000.00
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