Liberty, NY, Rotary Club Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Date 01/31/2021
Location On January 7 there was an earthquake, magnitude 6.4 followed by another 6.0 tremor, which impacted the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. As a result, a number of houses collapsed and buildings and other structures have been structurally compromised. Currently there are 30-40 seismic activities every day in the southwest coast of the island. ranging from 2.4 – 5.4 in intensity. Many people are living in fear as the ground shakes daily. Some are afraid to sleep in their homes fearing that the next earthquake could be catastrophic. The situation is causing economic, social and emotional issues for a number of the people in those communities. After Hurricane Maria, the Liberty, NY Rotary Club developed a network of Rotarians from Puerto Rico, Massachusetts and New York to provide assistance to the Moca, Puerto Rico, area which was devastated by the hurricane, and together we are working with the leadership Puerto Rico’s District 7000 to respond to this latest crisis. Through the Liberty NY Rotary Club Foundation Fund at CFOS, donations are being securely collected and distributed directly to assist the people of Puerto Rico during this frightening time. Please consider donating to our fellow citizens, brothers and sisters – no donation is too large or too small – through one of the options below.
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