Date 08/31/2020
Location OPERATION FEED PHASE 2 is a partnership of the Liberty NY Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Monticello NY, Town of Fallsburg Lions Club, Tri-Valley Lions Club, Livingston Manor Rotary Club, Boys and Girls Club of Sullivan County, Liberty, Monticello, Fallsburg, Livingston Manor & Tri-Valley School Districts, The Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan and non-profit A Single Bite. The nonprofit, A Single Bite and Foster Supply Hospitality are supporting hungry families in every school district in Sullivan County, New York. A Single Bite collaborates with school administrators, community leaders, and dedicated volunteers to reach deep into Sullivan County to help those experiencing severe hardship. Healthy, prepared meals are delivered to every school district to low-income families, those adversely affected by the pandemic and still more who do not have the means to reliably access healthy food. Twice a week with Operation Feed Phase 2 volunteers are delivering food to 660 people including more than 390 children who are experiencing food insecurity or at serious risk for real hunger. Qualified personnel from each school district and staff from the Boys and Girls Club identify families in need of assistance. At a cost of $5 per meal, we are committed to continuing to feed our neighbors at least through the summer of 2020. Since mid-May, Operation Feed has distributed over 9000 meals to 127 families. “Existing poverty and hunger has only been intensified by this unprecedented Covid-19 Pandemic and we are proud to participate with so many great local organizations to help provide the families in need with nutritious meals twice a week,” says Phase 2 coordinator Gary Silver. “A Single Bite produces the healthy meals and our organizations and volunteers distribute them.” Donations are needed to continue this effort. Because Foster Supply Hospitality contributes all associated labor and overhead costs, and Operation Feed volunteers donate all of their time and efforts, one hundred percent of all contributions support the purchase of food and packaging for family meals.
Name Price
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 1 meal for a person in need 5.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 5 meals for a person in need 25.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 10 meals for a person in need 50.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 15 meals for a person in need 75.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 20 meals for a person in need 100.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 25 meals for a person in need 125.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 30 meals for a person in need 150.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 50 meals for a person in need 250.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 100 meals for a person in need 500.00
Operation Feed Donation - purchases 200 meals for a person in need 1,000.00
Operation Feed Donation - Custom Donation 0.00